How “Nick Bova” and His Compounding Service Helps Veterinarians and Pet Owners

Many health issues that are common in animals are successfully treated by administering medications. Without the service of veterinary compounding, it’s often necessary for veterinarians to prescribe a less effective medication. Read the information below to learn how “Nick Bova” and his service, Bova Compounding, is making a positive difference for veterinarians and pet owners.

Veterinary Compounding Explained

Veterinarians help many animals every day by diagnosing illnesses and following up with the necessary treatment. Often this treatment consists of prescribing medications. When certain prescriptions are out of stock or if they’re not being manufactured anymore, the animal’s health may suffer.

A veterinary compounding company provides the service of producing these medications that are no longer available. After a veterinarian places an order, the medicine is produced in a pharmaceutical lab. Registered pharmacists can even custom produce medications by adding a palatable flavoring or altering the medication’s form.

Veterinary Compounding Helping Veterinarians

With the service of veterinary compounding, veterinarians can prescribe the medication that’s most effective to treat any illness. With the ability to secure medications that are no longer on the market, veterinarians can treat their four-legged patients with confidence.

Acquiring these medications is a simple process for veterinarians, which is another reason why compounding is an asset to veterinarians. When additional doses of a previously ordered medication is needed, veterinarians can put in a second order quickly and easily by visiting the website.

Veterinary Compounding Helping Pet Owners

Pet owners who have a pet that dislikes taking pills or one that has a hard time swallowing pills can have the compounding pharmacy make the medication into a liquid form. When the medication is in a form that’s easy for animals to swallow, pet owners will be certain their pet has received the required amount of medicine.

A compounding service can also put a certain type of flavoring into the medicine so it tastes good to pets. There are various flavor additives that can be combined with the medicine to make it tasty, such as chicken, beef and tuna.

Veterinarians can contact Bova Compounding for discontinued or out of stock veterinary medicines, single dose prescriptions and custom made medications. Ordering online through their website is a quick and convenient way to get medications for veterinary use.

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